2022 Year in Review

2022 was an eventful and exciting year for us at Digital Media Butterfly! From adding on 34 clients to guessing marshmallow flavors, and more, it was a busy year. Keep reading to learn more about what we accomplished this year, and what our staff is “fueled” by.

Ribbon Cutting

We celebrated 10 years of DMB! We held a 10 year anniversary ribbon cutting. 

Websites Created

We created 19 websites.

Website Traffic

Our clients’s websites had 26 million visitors over the year.

Email Newsletters

We sent 318 email newsletters for clients and ourselves.

Social Media Posts

7,500+ social media posts created for our clients across 5 platforms.


Our graphic design service really took off and we created 42 logos.


Caryn had the opportunity to speak multiple times about social media and marketing.

Team Building

We had 3 team building activities, which always included lots of good food.

Hours Worked

Our team spent over 8,500 hours working to market our clients.


We are so proud of our two employees who graduated from Baylor in 2022.


We were awarded multiple awards from Locals Love Us and Three Best Rated.

Dr. Pepper

Our office runs on Dr. Pepper! Over the course of 2021, we consumed 340 Dr. Peppers and 168 Diet Dr. Peppers.


Thanks to a marshmallow advent calendar, the staff guessed 24 flavors of marshmallows in December, we can’t wait to do it again this upcoming December.

Privacy Policies

In 2021, our web designers created 19 privacy policies for our new websites.