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Your Website is the First Impression of your Business

For most people, the first impression they will have about your business is your website.  Think about it, how often do you look for a new roofer, a new restaurant, or look into a new non-profit by going to their website first.  Potential customers and clients come to your website to learn:

Our goal as an agency is to make our clients stand out from the digital crowd and a big part of that is through a first-class website.

What is your website (or lack of a website) saying about your business?


Ready for a website that makes a great first impression?

Why Choose Digital Media Butterfly?

  • Our founder and head butterfly, Caryn Brown has been designing websites since 1998 and brings those years of experience to each project.
  • From homepage messaging to site layout and images used, we strategically consider all aspects of your site in order to ensure the best results for your business.
  • We create websites that feel fresh, up-to-date and are consistent with your business’ branding.
  • Our copywriters produce copy for your site that is clear, engaging and true to your business’ voice, tone and messaging.
  • You can breathe easy, knowing your site will be securely developed to function on all devices and to load quickly for an optimal customer experience.
  • We can build your website in WordPress or Shopify, based on your business’ needs.

Why Should Your Business have a Professionally Designed and Developed Website?

  • You don’t just need a website. You need a website that looks professional, giving you credibility and giving your potential clients confidence in your company.
  • Professionally designed websites also function better, with more effective search engine performance (i.e. it will be ranked higher on Google and other search engines).
  • Your website is often the first interaction potential customers will have with your company – better make it a good one.