Caroline Bradley Marketing Intern

caroline bradley

From my classes at Baylor, I developed a love for public relations and marketing. But I knew there were so many ways to make public relations a career. When looking at the internships list for my class, I found myself drawn to Digital Media Butterfly to gain experience in agency PR. It’s an exciting, fast-paced world that allows you to work with a multitude of different clients on projects that are tailored to their messages and needs.

Heading into the spring semester of my senior year, I was walking into my first internship as well as finishing out my degree plan along with my honors requirements, specifically my thesis. From my first day at DMB, I was celebrated and encouraged not only in my work, but also for what I was doing outside of my job. The culture of DMB is one of encouragement, creativity, growth and fun.

The women of Digital Media Butterfly are consistent in their words and actions and hold themselves and their work to a high standard of integrity and quality work. I was surprised to be given the reins to the social media accounts of four different clients. These clients ranged from a nonprofit to a construction company to a laundry service to an environmental group.

While at Digital Media Butterfly, my creativity has been challenged and grown in a multitude of ways. From attending networking events with Caryn, learning how to build a website from scratch or getting creative with social media graphics, I have a greater understanding and appreciation for all the work agency public relations encompasses. I really loved the challenge of creating content that best fit each client’s message because each one of them are so different.

But Caryn’s belief in myself and my ability to produce good, quality work pushed me to explore my creativity and think outside the box. Both Caryn and Kallie’s leadership, encouragement and willingness to answer my questions has set the standard high for my future employers.

Leaving Digital Media Butterfly, I feel I have grown in my skills as a public relations and marketing professional, especially in the areas of graphic design, photography, social media management and client relations. I am thankful for my time working here and the relationships built with both clients and Caryn, Kallie and Kayla.

-Caroline Bradley, Marketing Intern