Farmer Environmental Brand Awareness

We began working with Farmer Environmental Group, an environmental consulting company, in November of 2019 to help increase their brand awareness and create consistent branding for them.


Katie Smith


Graphic Design

Print Products


Working with Farmer Environmental Group, our solution was to create marketing materials to promote their company across the nation through social media, their website, and other marketing materials.


As a nationwide environmental consulting company, Farmer Environmental Group works with businesses to ensure their land or building is safe for use. Our goals were to help share information about their company with others, inform clients of news, and more.


Farmer Environmental Group offers a large span of services and recently added a new service, so being able to use their website, social media, press releases, and other deliverables to properly communicate the extent of services that Farmer Environmental Group offers nationwide was important to them.

Social Media Content

When creating posts for Farmer Environmental Group, our team has made sure to incorporate Farmer’s voice into the posts. To do so, we made sure to promote their different services, devotion to God, and dedication to creating a better environment. These graphics incorporate their branded colors, design elements, website, phone number, fonts, and general branding in every post.

Marketing Materials

To help keep Farmer Environmental Group consistently updated and ranking in SEO, we ensure to include employee news frequently. With employees passing new certification tests and new hires, getting to know the team posts, and projects, we post all of the news on social media and the Farmer Environmental Group website.

In addition to social media posts and blog posts on their website, we also create flyers for Farmer to use about their locations, services, and more. To continue their reach with new locations, we also made press releases for them when they opened new locations and recently moved their corporate office.


Other marketing materials we have created for them include a letterhead, TASB business cards, and a brand board for their usage. We offer all clients we do branding for a brand board, which includes their elements, colors, fonts, and other aspects to create uniform and consistent branding.