Jillian Veldey Marketing Intern

As my senior year in college was approaching, I kept hearing about how essential internships were to a healthy graduating resume. They seemed to be the cornerstone of a successful college career.

When applying for various internships to fill the void in the experience section, I was expecting to land at a place where I would learn some basic related skills along with how to function in a professional setting and maybe even have some networking opportunities if I was lucky, but what Digital Media Butterfly offered me was so much more.

Digital Media Butterfly is a rare combination of cutting-edge yet tried and true. Caryn pioneer’s new techniques while integrating classic approaches to accomplish client requests at the highest level. Seeing this firsthand has been my greatest takeaway from DMB, learning that the best strategy is the one you tailor specifically for your client. This outside-of-the-box thinking is the force that propels the agency and ultimately the clients to calculated success.

If I listed my favorite things about this internship, it would sound hyperbolic not having experienced them alongside me. However, my favorite part of DMB? Caryn’s trust in her staff. From the day I arrived, Caryn sought my opinions and used them when she saw fit. Even as an entry-level intern with little prior experience in the marketing world, Caryn encouraged my confidence as a creative and aspiring professional.

Interning at Digital Media Butterfly provided me with ample experience curating social media posts and strategies. It allowed me to learn from Caryn and Kallie’s incredible attention to detail and exercise my eye for clear, concise, and creative posts.

Beyond social media, I met my true work love, branding. Throughout my time as an intern, we worked closely with Jessica Burch at Winnow Wealth to rebrand their wealth management company. This endeavor was my favorite project that I was a part of during my time at Digital Media Butterfly. Meeting with the client and hearing their heart for the project and then creating it from scratch was honestly just pure fun.

Throughout these projects, Caryn and Kallie provided guidance and advice but never took control of my work. As my first boss in a ‘real-world job,’ the culture that Caryn has created at Digital Media Butterfly will be an impossible standard for any future workplace to top.

I will be forever grateful for my time at Digital Media Butterfly and will walk away a better creator, employee, and person!

-Jillian Veldey, Marketing Intern