Katie Casper Law Branding and Website


Katie Casper came to Digital Media Butterfly to create a website and branding for herself as she transitioned back into private practice. The goal of the website was to display Katie Casper’s skills in both family and criminal law.

When deciding on the logo, Kate wanted to create something sleek and professional but fit Katie Casper’s personality. To do so, Kate utilized a beautiful collaboration of a block serif font with a script font, making a unique logo that is both professional and feminine.


To create her website, Kate chose to utilize stark colors to give a powerful feel to the site while also incorporating a light pink accent color to create a feminine appeal to match the logo Kate had created. In doing so, this also helps attract the ideal client. Kate kept content clear and concise on the site to give potential clients direct information about what Katie Casper can provide for them.

Kate enjoyed working with an independent law firm on this project and creating the overall design of the new branding and site for Katie Casper. She says that Katie Casper is “passionate about what she does, so it was a good feeling to be able to contribute to her work.”

Head to her website to see the stunning new logo and branding we created for Katie Casper, at https://katiecasperlaw.com

“I love the aesthetic of the website!”
Katie Casper

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