Kaylee Lake Marketing Intern

As my final year at Baylor drew near, I aimed to find an internship that would push my boundaries, promote personal development, and gain insight into the PR world.

As soon as I initiated my job search, Digital Media Butterfly caught my attention. I decided to take a chance and see if an internship position was available and just my luck there was one. After I interviewed I knew that DMB was the place for me. For two reasons the first being the company is run by Caryn, a smart confident woman with a team of women. The second being Caryn knew my uncle Kyle before he passed and that was special to me.

During my time at Digital Media Butterfly, it has been an honor to witness firsthand the significant impact they have on the Waco community. Their dedication to empowering local businesses and fostering meaningful connections between people showcases the agency’s commitment to incredible digital media service. The energy, drive, and innovative spirit that the team possesses is shown through the work they do.

Since the first day they have opened their doors and embraced me into their family. Each day I was challenged with new tasks and was pushed to think outside of the box. Caryn, Kayla, and Kallie played an instrumental role improving my abilities in PR. From collaborating with Caryn provided me with an unique insight in the PR world, to learning to pay more attention to small details from Kayla, to helping me gain a new perspective for different clients from Kallie. This team truly enriched my internship experience, making it truly memorable.

Throughout my internship, my comprehension and mastery of digital media, specifically in the area of content creation, reached new heights. Each client I worked with opened up new avenues for me to unleash my creative instincts, come up with social media concepts, and craft compelling content. These experiences fueled my creative abilities to another level.

I’ll always remember my time at Digital Media Butterfly and be forever grateful to this team that made me a better creator, person, and team member!

-Kaylee Lake, Marketing Intern