Margrit Co. Website Rebranding

After Margrit Co. updated their logo and branding earlier this year, we worked with Maggie to update their website to include their updated design elements, brand colors, and newly designed logo by Hanna Braud Design. We began this project by building out the website pages to showcase Margrit Co.’s shift in branding to a teal, yellow, and navy color palette. We then focused on incorporating the updated design elements.

Throughout Margrit Co.’s journey, the Pineapple has symbolized the company’s commitment to hospitality and quality customer service. It was important to us that we strategically placed the Pineapples throughout the website pages to showcase their importance and pertinent values. Along with the Pineapples, we incorporated arrows to match their updated logo. We are proud that the rebranded website showcases Margrit Co.’s new vision and reflects the company’s love for jewelry and customer care!