My COVID-ID Website

Renell created a new website for My COVID ID to sell their Self-Health ID Badges. The products include Self-Health ID Badges (with the option of personalization) that show you have followed guidelines based on the color of the badge (green, yellow, red, or white).

  • Green – You have either been vaccinated, tested, or are currently carrying COVID-19 antibodies and most likely cannot contract or carry the virus.
  • Yellow – You’re unsure if you have ever been exposed to the virus, but you feel well, have no symptoms, and are not aware of contact with anybody that has symptoms of illness.
  • Red – You believe you have been directly exposed to the virus. You may work in an environment that has many people each day.
  • White: While the CDC recommends a face covering or mask, you may have a sensitivity or aversion to wearing one. This badge clearly states your desire to comply with social distancing (6ft), yet you do not wish to wear a mask for personal or medical reasons.