Nate Hicks Marketing Intern

As someone who has worked in a multitude of jobs in different fields none were more fulfilling than working at Digital Media Butterfly. When I started looking for internships, Digital Media Butterfly stood out because of their mission to allow businesses to grow by telling their story in a creative, digital space. 

As an intern at Digital Media Butterfly I learned what it took to be an accountable, professional and creative employee looking to evolve any way I could. The office is filled with some of the most intelligent women I have met and not once did I feel left out or that I couldn’t ask for help. Watching them inspired me to increase the quality of my work and working for such a successful person such as Caryn made me want to emulate the things that make her successful. 

My passion is helping companies increase their consumer base along with their digital footprint which I believe go hand and hand. Every project I was given and every client that I managed I wanted to give them the best work possible, and with every one completed I felt that I became better and better with the help of everyone in the office. The skills that you learn such as website creation, graphic design or branding overall can’t be taught solely in school and it takes trial and error to master these things. 

When you walk in the office you feel a certain positive energy, whether that’s telling stories with Kallie, Kate or Katie, or Caryn grabbing lunch for the office, like every intern before me has said this office truly feels like family. 

My dream is to work for a marketing agency and one day start my own. Working at Digital Media Butterfly has given me the blueprint of what it takes to be a better employee and what a successful agency looks like. For that I am forever grateful for my time here. 

-Nathan Hicks, Marketing Intern