Peyton Ball Copywriting Intern

One of the necessary experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is essential, not only for personal and professional development but also for boosting your employability. That is why I was grateful to Baylor University for creating an internship requirement for Professional Writing & Rhetoric Majors upon graduation.

In the first semester of my senior year at Baylor, I chose to intern at Digital Media Butterfly – a Digital Marketing Agency in the great city of Waco, Texas. I embarked on a 14-15 week internship as a Copyright intern, looking solely to enhance my writing skills, but gaining so much more by the end of it. 

As an intern at Digital Media Butterfly, I learned invaluable lessons about teamwork, accountability, storytelling, and GOOD marketing. I worked alongside a team of powerful, goal-oriented women, passionate about the work they do at Digital Media Butterfly. From beginning to end, these women encouraged me, helped me hone my creative voice, and included me in the office culture – a culture centered around growth, support, and genuine fun. This same culture helped me thrive as a copywriter. With the help and guidance of my direct supervisors Caryn Brown and Kallie Redding, I learned the importance of tone in copywriting and grew exponentially in my comfort with blog writing, social media writing, and writing for websites. By the end of my internship, I better understood how writing and digital design all work together to tell a unique story. 

In the few weeks I interned at Digital Media Butterfly, I was treated like family. I lived for the days the HBIC (Head Butterfly in Charge), Caryn Brown, would bring us donuts in the morning, ask for our Starbucks coffee orders on her way into the office, or offer smiles and words of encouragement when I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Likewise, I appreciated the ways Kallie, Renell, and Cara included me in stories of their personal lives and affirmed me in the work I was doing. All of it helped sustain me in my time as an intern and made me feel a part of a very special team.

In all, I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work for a company that values individual growth, nurtures creativity, and encourages storytelling in the most unconventional and creative ways. While it is true that Digital Media Butterfly exists to help your marketing stand out from the noise, I can genuinely say they do the same for their employees. Because of my time spent interning here, I am a better writer, employee, and teammate. 

– Peyton Ball, Digital Media Butterfly Copywriting Intern