Set Up Your Business for Success in 2023

How are you bringing your business into 2023?

If your answer is “the same as it was in 2022,” you might need to rethink your strategy. It is important to reflect on the past year to determine what you and your business could be doing differently in 2023 to reach new heights. 

Here are some things to consider when looking at what you would like to see for your business in 2023:

  • What do you want your business to achieve most this year?
    • At Digital Media Butterfly, we strive to see success both internally and externally through the success of our clients.
    • Take some time to think about what you view as a success for your business and strategize how to achieve that. 
  • Setting realistic goals
    • What goals can you realistically achieve this year?
    • Ensuring that the goals you have for your business are attainable is crucial to developing your expectations for the year.
    • Prioritize what you need to achieve these goals. 
  • Do you have a clear path toward your goals
    • How will you achieve these goals?
    • What is motivating you to achieve these goals?
    • What strategies will you use to ensure your success?
    • All these questions will lead you down the path of success for your business. 
  • Trimming the fat
    • What’s draining your money?
    • Could you spend it on something more effective, like advertising or web design?
    • Are you paying for ads without good copy?
    • Any of these problems can have detrimental effects on your business.
    • Do you need help identifying these issues in your business?  Let’s chat!
  • Do you have a clear brand mission?
    • Do your ideal customers understand what your brand wants to achieve?
    • Consider what problem your business is striving to solve for your ideal customers.
    • Once you identify the issue, you can tag your business as the solution. 
    • Do you need help determining your brand mission?  Let’s chat!
  • Where are the weak points in your customers’ journey?
    • Identify these problems and create a plan of action for solving them.
      • Checkout
      • Ease of purchasing
      • Sales page experience
    • These are only a few examples of what your customers may be struggling with from your business, all of which make a major impact.  

Checklist for Goal Setting

SMART goals are an easy starting point for determining your business goals for the years. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.  Once you’ve determined your goal, use the checklist below to ensure that it is a SMART goal.


 Make the goal quantifiable.


 Determine metrics to track your goal progress.


Ensure it is within the realm of realistic possibility.


Determine how the goal is connected to something bigger within your business.


Set a deadline for each of your goals

Digital Media Butterfly is here to help your business achieve the goals that you have set for the year.

If you need help identifying your weakness, developing attainable goals, or implementing new strategies for success, reach out today.

Want to discuss your 2023 business goals?