Share Your Staff’s Story

Our “Getting to Know Advent” marketing campaign for Advent Healthcare generated more than brand awareness, it also generated positive feedback for the staff. Sharing staff member’s stories had positive effects on the staff featured and increased their engagement on social media.

For Advent Healthcare, we shared information such as their job title, favorite part of Waco, and favorite thing about practicing medicine. We were surprised by the amount of engagement each post received and quickly learned this was something people enjoyed seeing. For Advent, these posts gave patients the opportunity to comment about their experiences with the staff members and how they treated their illness or injury. The staff really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and loved seeing how much activity it brought to their social media.

Sharing your staff’s story is beneficial because it shows clients, both current and potential, the team that makes up your business. People enjoy learning about the team behind the business. Learning more about your team can also reinforce that your clients are choosing a company that is best for them. Sharing your staff’s story shows that you want them to know more about their business. It makes them feel welcomed, valued, and confident in their decision to invest in your business.

The side benefit, that surprised us, is how much the staff appreciated their past client’s kind words. It showed the staff that they are acknowledged and appreciated. Your staff helps build the business, so it is important that they know they are valued as well.

Let us help you share your story and encourage your staff and clients, as well!