Social Media Day

In the past 25 years, social media has become a very powerful tool. As of today, there are over 1.452 billion users on Instagram. We’re even more impressed with Facebook, reaching just under 3 billion users. So today, June 30th, we want to take some time to recognize Social Media Day. Mashable, a digital news and entertainment website, is who first coined Social Media Day in 2010 to recognize the impact online media has had on our world. 

Think of how much has changed since the first online media, Sixdegrees, began in 1997 (wow!). Andrew Weinreich created this site to pay homage to the six degrees of separation concept by making a social media where people list their friends and family members. What began as a place to make connections led to where we are now, where countless social media platforms continue to connect people worldwide. 

At Digital Media Butterfly, we are constantly amazed by social media’s power and importance. As a company, we know we would never have reached where we are without social media. Between marketing for ourselves to draw in clients and creating compelling marketing for our clients on social media, we owe much of our success to our lead butterfly, Caryn, and her social media wisdom. 

To honor social media platforms’ impact on our company, we asked some of our staff members what they are most thankful for that social media provides for them. Read their answers below!


Caryn Brown, Owner
“Social Media helps me connect with others in my community and across the world. It helps me see things from a different point of view”.


Kallie Redding, Project Manager
“It’s fun looking back at my social media posts over the years and seeing different memories I’ve made! I love seeing what’s going on with family and friends I don’t see often. It also sometimes helps my creativity and gives me new ideas!”

Renell Jones, Marketing Strategist
“I like that social media allows me to engage with other content creators or view profiles that share similar interests to me. It’s cool being able to follow along with the creative processes of different brands and keep up to date with new trends, which gives me inspiration in the workplace and throughout my daily life.”

Katie Smith, Content Specialist
“I truly love how I have been able to grow up with social media. Social media has helped me stay in contact with friends and family across the world, it’s helped me understand what’s going on with current events, and it inspires me in ways such as content, creative, and motivational aspects of my life.”

Callie Carini, Marketing Intern
“Social Media connects me with friends and family throughout the year.

Thank you, social media, for the incredible opportunities you have given us! Our entire team feels so thankful for the continuous growth of social media and all it has brought to our personal and professional lives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and so many more bring us closer as a community, as content creators, and as individual people daily.

Ready to start growing your social media?